The Domains Manager, incorporated with the Web Hosting Control Panel aids you to smoothly take care of numerous domain names from a single location. Additionally, it allows you to take care of your domains from the same location you deal with your web site. And also the Domains Manager arrives loaded with the whole set of tools you will ever require to have extensive control over your domains.

Multi Domain Name

Modify Whois, name servers, custom DNS

Irrespective of how many domains you will have, it is easy to manage each of them with only a click of the mouse in the Pencos Reyes Networks Domains Manager! You can revise the WHOIS information, customize the name servers as well as integrate special DNS records to as many domains as you desire straight from your Web Hosting Control Panel.

Using the Domains Manager, you will have immediate access to the files of your respective domain names and will also be in a position to modify the bundled mailboxes as well. Also, it is also possible to check the web statistics for every one of your domain names. The bulk selection helps you register and also renew a lot of domain names at a time.

Hepsia File Manager

DNS Records

Total DNS control

Within the Domains Manager user interface, you’ll be able to promptly adjust valuable DNS records for domain names, registered or moved to your website hosting account. It will be easy to swiftly define unique: A, AAAA, MX, SRV, CNAME, TXT, etc. records, adjust them at a later time and even return all the way to the default values in case you are not satisfied with a certain modification.

At any given moment, you can even register your individual name servers – dns1.your– and dns2.your– to increase your brand acknowledgement amid clients.

Hepsia File Manager

Domain Parking

Park as much domains as you wish

From the Web Hosting Control Panel, it is simple to register appealing domains and then park them on the internet till you populate them with web content or re–sell them to someone else at a good price. At the time you park a domain, you can pick to direct your domain to a template page (’Under Construction’ web page if you’re planning to use it for a website, additionally a "for sale" page in case you want to trade the domain) as well as to a totally functional web site.

You can maintain a domain name parked for as long as you want! Through the Domains Manager, you can easily switch the ’parked’ position of domain name and attach it to a web site along with a mouse click.

Hepsia File Manager

Domain Redirection

Inbuilt domain re–direction

If you need to redirect your domain to a different domain, you can do that along with a mouse click in the Domains Manager. We provide a convenient tool for domain name redirection. Everything you need to do is type in the website url in which you would like to direct your domain to. You’ll be able to point it to another domain in your web hosting account or even to virtually any domain on the web.

And if you would want to forward the domain back to your cloud web hosting plans account – then click on the ’Host Domain’ button and our platform shall execute the rest.

Hepsia File Manager

Whois Privacy Protection

Shield your privacy

The WHOIS Privacy Protection solution really is a great way to conceal the registration details of your domain name from the average person. It is going to substitute your own data with plain looking company name and address, in order that not one person will be able to put it on for illegal purposes. In case, however, another person wants to make contact with you concerning your domain name, they are able to still makes use of the listed e–mail address, that will automatically route the email to you.

Hepsia File Manager

SSL Certificates

Needs to have for any e–shop.

An SSL Certificate will offer your users a guarantee that your particular website is secure for making online transactions or register as a member. It’ll encrypt all of the hypersensitive details which is transmitted between your visitors and your website and will obstruct virtually all attempts for exploitation.

In the Domains Manager of the Pencos Reyes Networks Web Hosting Control Panel, you can quickly request an SSL certificate for your personal web shop or community website. Just simply pick if you need your SSL certificate for being for one or many web sites and click on the Request button. Your brand–new SSL certificate will be running for you quickly.

Hepsia File Manager