An electronic mailing list is a collection of email addresses which can receive the same message at the same time. When an email is sent to the primary email address associated with the list, for instance –, it is redirected automatically to all the addresses that are included in that mailing list. This feature will allow you to reach electronic mailing list subscribers with ease, so you can send bulletins or any other information on a periodic basis to your clients. Based on the application that is used to manage the list itself, email addresses can be added manually by the mailing list’s admin or users have to subscribe, giving their explicit approval to get messages in the future. A mailing list will save you lots of time and will permit you to keep in touch with your customers with ease, which can nourish the reputation of your web site.

Mailing Lists in Cloud Web Hosting

If you have a cloud web hosting plan with us and you’d like to set up a mailing list, it will take no more than a minute and several mouse clicks to achieve that. You can set up and remove mailing lists through the Email Manager tool, which is built into our in-house developed Hepsia Control Panel. During the process, you’ll be able to select the email address that will be used to send out emails to your mailing list subscribers and the administrator address and password which you will use, in order to configure different settings, to authorize and remove subscribers, and so on. You can edit the administrative info at any moment from the exact same section of the Control Panel. We use Majordomo, a powerful and popular mailing list client, which will give you full control over the regular electronic correspondence with your subscribers.